Kathleen McLaughlin's Collection

Frogs, Turtles, Lily Pads, et al

Frog-shaped ash receiver

I started collecting early 20th century production art pottery after college. I bought my first Van Briggle pieces based on looks alone, then over time enjoyed learning about the various potteries operating during this period.

I still collect vases and other pottery including lamps, jardiniere/pedestal combos, and animal-shaped ash receivers. But I've become obsessed with animal-shaped flower frogs, and in particular aquatics such as frogs, turtles, and lily pads.

It all started when, on impulse, I bought three flower frogs on eBay. They were all mistakenly identified as studio pottery, and one was listed as “Really Ugly Handmade Frog.” As I gained more knowledge through books and Facebook groups, I learned that they were made by Peters and Reed, Cliftwood, and Brush, and these remain my favorite manufacturers.

My collecting began when I lived in Denver, but I now reside in East Tennessee. My other interests include reading, gardening, and my horses.

Guard dogs at the ready

Index to Kathleen's Collection

Bauer Pottery

Matte and gloss glazes

Brush-McCoy Pottery Company

Glazes include Colonial Mat in blue and fawn, Onyx in brown and blue, Art Vellum in green, blue, and brown, KolorKraft in red and green, and matte green.

Note:  Brush-McCoy Pottery Company was renamed Brush Pottery Company in 1925, and the above photo includes a mix of pieces made under both names.

Camark Pottery

Cliftwood Art Potteries

Fulper Pottery

Made in Japan (MIJ)

A few are clearly Awaji, but most remain a mystery as is commonplace with MIJ pieces.

Niloak Pottery

Peters & Reed Pottery

Glazes include Wilse Blue, Landsun in blue and brown, Pereco in blue and brown, and matte in green and blue.

Rosemeade Wahpeton Pottery

Roseville Pottery

Early Carnelian line

Van Briggle Art Pottery

Ming Blue and Mulberry glazes

Weller Pottery

Coppertone and Woodcraft lines

Zanesville Stoneware Company

Glazes include Matte Blue, Matte Green, Matte Rose, Gloss Black, Vulcan, Neptune, and an unidentified pale gray.

Other Manufacturers

Front row: Shawnee Pottery (seahorse and dolphin)

Middle row: Haeger Potteries, Caliente Pottery, Sequoyah Orphan School, and Haeger Potteries

Back row: Dryden Pottery, Garden of the Gods Pottery, and West Coast Pottery

Unidentified Manufacturers

The black crane may be by Royal Hickman after he left Haeger. The tan turtle and lily pad may be Hull based on their glaze. The small green turtle is identical to the Peters & Reed versions except for the glaze, and might be late Zaneware. And the white swan may be Red Wing. The photo also includes two studio pieces.