Kevin Mills' Collection

Fulper Pottery

Catalog No. 451 English Castle Flower Holder

The English Castle is arguably the Holy Grail of all Fulper flower frogs. When I acquired it, it had a couple of small chips. And since it is so incredibly rare, I wanted it to be as close to perfect as possible. So I turned to Mike & Netta Yaeck of Yesterware Restorations. Their work is flawless, and you can't tell where the restoration was done.

Scarabs, and female Egyptian on scarab

Mountain goat, bass, and pelican

Native American in canoe, and teepee

Elf, swan, and maiden with turtles

Bird on log, and penguin on rock


Frogs on lily pads

Turtles on lily pads

Lily pad, and frog on lily pad

Lily pads

Mushrooms in two sizes (larger two in back)

Plantain leaves in 8 different glazes


Odd-shaped blocks

Dome-shaped blocks

Hockey puck-shaped blocks

Various Shapes