Nigel Stone's Collection

Glass Figurines

Nigel has one of the best collections of Art Deco Pressed Glass in the UK. His knowledge is sought around the globe to help identify quality items.

Both Nigel and his husband, Jason Riches, have a passion for antiques. They offer spectacular vintage items for sale in their Etsy store, VintageDecoUK, which specializes in Art Deco Pressed Glass and Victorian Glass.

Showcase of Art Deco Centrepieces and Flower Frog Figures (2:37)

Polar Bear by unknown manufacturer

Lady with Birds and Fortuna bowl by Brockwitz

Standing Lady possibly by Sowerby

Bashful Charlotte by Cambridge

Miss Muffet possibly by Schweig-Müller

Nelson Centrepiece by Walther & Söhne

Boy on Fish by Schweig-Müller

Hummingbird by unknown manufacturer

Girl on Turtle by Schweig-Müller

Penguin by Libochovice

Pelican by Walther & Söhne

Cockatoo by Brockwitz

Stump Lady possibly by Rosice

Two Kids by Cambridge

Leaping Fish by Rosice

Lady by Jobling

Large Sailing Boat by Carlshutte