Most popular during the first half of the 20th century, flower frogs were used to arrange flowers and were likely called "frogs" because they sat in water. Made from ceramic, glass, metal, or plastic, they came in a great variety of forms ranging from beautiful nudes to odd wire contraptions, all fun to collect.

I created this website to share my Ceramic and Glass collections, but it has grown to include the collections of others as well as educational information. Identification Resources provides information indexed by manufacturer.

Peter Christensen

Educational Information

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Peter Christensen's Ceramic Collection

Ceramic Blocks with Identification Tips

Peter Christensen's Glass Collection

Glass Blocks with Identification Tips

Metal Flower Frogs

Metal Flower Frogs by Category and Brand

Flowerlites et al

By Viking, Beaumont, and L.E. Smith

Betty Burnsed's Collection

Ceramic Figurines from Around the World

Brook's Collection

Colored Glass Blocks

Connie Willett Heath's Collection

Garden City Pottery

John Walter's Collection

Glass Figurines by Cambridge et al

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Frogs, Turtles, Lily Pads, et al

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Japanese & European Figurines

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Cowan Figurines

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Glass Figurines

Carlton Ware

An Introduction to Carlton Ware Flower Frogs

Catalina Island Pottery

A Guide to Catalina Island Flower Frogs

Haeger Potteries

A Guide to Haeger Flower Frogs