My Flower Frogs

I love colored glass and the way glass flower frogs catch the light, and a collection of ceramic flower frogs looks like an artist's palette. In their heyday flower frogs were used to arrange flowers.

Hockey puck-shaped or "block" flower frogs were set in the bottom of vases with the stems of the flowers placed in the holes. They are called "frogs" because they were set in water. The disc-shaped ones are the lids of vases and the stems were placed through the holes.

Peter Christensen
Salmon Creek, WA, USA


Merry Christmas!

My coffee table

My Rookwood flower frogs

My end table. The old red glass auto taillight is an example of the miscellaneous pieces of colored glass I've been collecting for decades. It was that love of colored glass that led to collecting glass flower frogs, which led to collecting ceramic flower frogs.

Some pretty colors on my Christmas cookie plate. One of my other hobbies is 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles.

Some of my lighter-colored glass flower frogs

"There's always room for (lime) Jello!"